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RASC group private tour of the Vatican Observatory, Castel Gandolfo, Lazio, Italy on March 31, 2006
Fr. Sabino Maffeo greets the RASC group in the inner courtyardFr. Sabino Maffeo greets the RASC group in the inner courtyardAn observatory dome above the inner courtyardEntrancewaySilhouette of a dome and the Orion constellation as seen from the roofLago Albano and Marino, looking north toward the outskirts of Rome from the roofSchmidt 1m primary (60cm secondary)  1935 eraFr. Sabino Maffeo explaining the operational features of the telescopes in one of the domesPendelum clock in the observatoryThe skyglow of Rome overwhelms all but the Moon, as observed from the roofPainting of Father Angelo Secchi (foreground) surrounded by (L-R) Pope Gregory XIII, Pope Leo X & Pope Pius XIThe meteorite collectionThe meteorite collectionThe meteorite collectionPhoto of the female 'computers' employed by the astronomers to reduce observational dataGoogle Earth aerial of Castel Gandolfo

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