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Cinque Terre, aka the Italian Riveria
Seafood stew cooked in an amphoraBeach at Monterosso in the early morningPedestrian tunnel between old town and new townBeached boats in the harbour in old townOld town harbourGangway for the coastal ferryLooking back at the new town beach from the ferry dockLooking back at Monterosso from the ferry as we departMain square of VernazzaFerry passengers waiting to board the ferryRocky cliffs and beach at VernazzaClifftop village of CornigliaClifftop village of CornigliaHuge landslide south of CornigliaManarola villageRiomaggiore villageRiomaggiore villageRiomaggiore villageRiomaggiore villageFishing from the rock seawall at Riomaggiore

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