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Council Rocks aka Conchise Stronghold, Coronado National Forest, Cochise, Arizona, USA
Multi-coloured lichen on a boulderBoulders, ranch land and mountainsPetroglyphs on a boulderPetroglyphs on a boulderRock used to pound Mesquite tree berriesPetroglyphs on a boulderLauri, Diane, John and Garry looking at  petroglyphs on a boulderShark-like boulder formationGreen and blue lichen on a boulderJohn, Lauri and Garry walking through boulder formationsGrassy meadow among the boulders and hillsGreen and blue lichen on a boulder with hills behindGreen and blue lichen on a boulderBoulder formation with green lichen and hillsThree upright bouldersGarry on the trailNearly-petrified woodGreen and blue lichen on a massive boulderBoulder formation with a boulder balanced on topMassive boulder formation with blue, green and yellow lichen

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