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Aboard the Eurodam, a Holland America cruise ship.
Interior of my cabin 5059Interior of my cabin 5059 looking out over the verandahWendy and Joe on Deck 5 Forward as Eurodam departsJohn & Wendy McDonald on Deck 5 ForwardJoe sipping some Prossecco in the main dining room on Gala NightJohn and Wendy enjoying their Prosecco at dinnerEscargotBeef tenderloin steak with prawnsAnti-crepuscular rays at sunsetSpeaker: Ginny Stiboltmv OOCL London container ship at sea beside the EurodamTamarind lobbySpicy sauces and soy sauce on the tableJohn & Wendy McDonald at the tableJewels of the Sea soup - seafood in wontonsTaiwanese Braised Pork Belly with a soy-eggSitting on my verandah taking in the ocean viewThe Eurodam bow being paintedThe Eurodam at dockFuelling barge alongside the Eurodam

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