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June 28, 2013 - Fort William Historical Park, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada -
Chopping wood for a fireBirch bark basket and fish net in a hoopPierre talking with one of the group in front of a buffalo peltBuffalo pelt haing outsideInside a Birch bark teepeeRolls of Birch barkThe two Pierres, our tour guidesBirch bark TeepeeOutside the pallisade wall of Fort William & observatory towerRASC tour group near the Main GatePierre in the doctor's living quartersDoctor's children's bedroomApothecary in the doctor's residenceApothecary in the doctor's residenceMedicines in the apothecaryDoctor's medical equipmentIndian  ShopMerchandise in the Indian ShopMetal merchandise in the Indian ShopPierre  comparing animal pelts

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