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Insects, including crustaceans.
A poisonous red bug on the walkwayA spotted brown butterfly on some orange blossoms at our rest stopBees on Fairy Duster flowersA bug on a land snailCrab on the shorelineBanana SlugSpider on its web under the forest canopyCross Orbweaver SpiderWater bugs on a back eddy poolFemale Golden Orb spiderSpider's web in the sunlightWestern Tiger Swallowtail butterflyBee on succulents growing in the cinder on Devastation TrailDragonfly perched on a stickA Dragonfly on a twigPreying Mantis on 
the frame of my 
wash basinA scorpion on the roadGiant ant hill at base of a treeCaterpillar of the Tiger Swallowtail butterfly

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