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Ketchikan, Alaska, USA
Welcome sign on Mission StreetBuses and trollies waiting for cruise ship passengersShops along Ketchikan CreekSalmonberry blossom and fruit formingSalmonberry blossom and fruit formingShops along Ketchikan CreekColour print of four types of salmon by Roy Troll, 1999Fog Woman totem poleYellow fish floats on the Orca SongLooking northwest up the channelTotem being carvedTop figures on a totem being completedJoe posing with a bear behindDecorated Clan HouseCarved eagle figure on the wall of the Clan HouseBear figure on a totem in the Clan HouseRaven carved wall panel in the Clan HouseMother and Child carved panel in the Clan HouseTop two figures on a totem in the Clan HouseDecorated family house

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