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Kitt Peak National Observatory, Arizona, USA
Photos taken in February 2017 and February 2018
Lots of cactus on the hillsideFirst glimpse of Kitt Peak with the observatories on the  ridgelineDiane and Matt at a pull-out part way up the mountainA panorama of the plains to the north of Kitt PeakMost of the observatories on the ridgelineThe Mayall, Stewart, UofA Spacewatch and Warner & Swasey observatories on the north ridgelineOur tour group with the Steward 2.3 metre observatory behindInside view of the Mayall 4 meter telescopeYoke of the Mayall 4 meter telescopeMatt, Diane & Reg in the observation deck of the Mayall domeFisheye view looking south along the Kitt Peak ridgeline showing many observatoriesLooking south along the Kitt Peak ridgeline showing many observatoriesLooking SW at the ARO 12m Radio Telescope - Event Horizon TelescopeLooking up at the Mayall 4m observatoryThe 2.3m Steward observatory and the 4m Mayall observatoryJoe on Kitt Peak with the McMath-Pierce Solar telescope behindThe 0.6m Warner Swasey, the 1.8m Spacewatch,, the 2.3m Steward, and the 4m Mayall observatoriesThe plains look like seawaterEnergy graph showing triple consumption while climbing Kitt Peak and 25 miles of gained range while descending the Kitt Peak roadTesla Model S screen showing the route and energy use for Kitt Peak

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