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Kruger National Park in northeastern South Africa
Elephant on the roadA troupe of baboons sit on the rocks watching the sunriseA lioness & her three cubs in the rocksTwo sentry Lions for the lioness and her 3 cubsA young elephant in the treesA huge bull elephantA huge bull elephant pushes over a tree and grazes on itA huge bull elephant pushes over a tree and grazes on itBaby White Rhinoceros and its mother at a water holeZebras at the watering holeScrub land and paved roadImpalaLeopard under a tree beside a riverOne day old baby GiraffeOne day old baby Giraffe suckling on its motherZebra head shotFace-off between big bull Elephant and mother White RhinocerosBaby White Rhinoceros suckling on its mother at a water holeElephants crossing the road in front of usGiraffe feeding

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