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Mauna Kea & 3 observatories visible from Hilo HarbourSaddle Road, Highway 200SCT telescope with solar filters setup at the Visitors Information CenterMauna LoaGravel access road to Mauna Kea above the VISMound of volcanic rockRest stop near the summit with the road grade visibleThe Kecks peaking over the ridgeObservatories L to R: James Clerk Maxwell, CalTech Submillimeter, Subaru, KecksCanada-France-Hawaii & Gemini North observatoriesJoe in front of Gemini North observatoryPeople on the Summit of Mauna Kea with the trail in the foregroundGemini North dome against a dark blue skyCanada-France-Hawaii observatoryGemini North observatoryA panorama looking north from near the peak of Mauna Kea with the observatories on the ridge to the leftLooking back from CFHT at all the observatories (L-R): Gemini North, UK IR, CalTech Submillimeter, James Clerk Maxwell, Subaru, the Kecks, and the NASA IRCinder cones north of CFHT

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