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Montevideo, Uruguay
Admiral Graf Spee anchorTeatro SolisSalvo PalaceArtigas Mausoleum is a monument to Uruguayan hero José ArtigasCanadian EmbassySalvo Palace facade detailFront of Palacio LegislativoA  Burj al-Arab hotel lookalikeSign: Mercado AgricolaHorse-driven freight wagonMural of José Mujica opposite the Legislative PalaceMurals opposite the Legislative PalaceBronze statutory of wagon and oxenMate vendorMate parphenalia for saleCasino Carrasco - unique Uruguayan architectureBronze monument dedicated to the fallen heroes of the Navy with Montevideo behindClothing for sale made from nautural fibre and skinsA uniquely designed building owned by an architectMurgas Los Saltimbanquis 2018 carnaval costumes

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