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Cattle Point scenic loop, Oak Bay, British Columbia, Canada
Morning colours reflected off the Salish SeaMount Baker in the distance over the Salish Sea in winter lightDucks swimming along the shorelineMount Baker in the distance over the Salish Sea in winter lightGlaucous-winged gulls and Pintail ducks staying close to shoreThe shoreline and the Salish Sea in the winter lightThe Salish Sea and the Olympic Mountains from the Oak Bay shoreline in winter lightWeathered tree stump on the beachAn artist, gulls and a foggy shorelineAn artist, gulls and a foggy shorelineCattle Point shoreline aerial looking north towards Cadboro BayCattle Point shoreline panoramicRolly on the rocks by the seashoreKayakers make ready to launch at the boat rampRolly surveys the rocky shorelineRolly on the point with Oak Bay and the Olympic Mountains behindThree gulls watch a boat launchSailboats off Oak Bay with the Olympic Mountains behindBullwhip kelpMulti-coloured seaweed

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