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National Archeological Museum, Athens, Greece - April 2006
Vase with warriorsMarble grave reliefBronze statue of Zeus or PoseidonLife-size bronze head of a warrior'The Atalante Hermes'. Funerary statue of a youth depicted in the form of the god HermesStatue of AphroditeThe 'Artemision Jockey' Bronze statue of a horse and young jockeyA woman sitting on a stool. Grave reliefBronze statue of ParisThasian marble portrait bust of Antinoos, the favorite of emperor HadrianAttic Red-Figure PotteryWhite-ground Lekythoi vasesGold death-mask, known as the 'mask of Agamemnon' & other gold funerary artifactsGrave III ('Graves of the Women'), Grave Circle A, MycenaeGold and silver tableware from Graves IV and V, Grave Circle A, MycenaeCreto-Mycenaean gold cup depicting the capture of bullsIvory lyre with elaborate relief decorationsBronze dagger with inlaid decoration depicting a lion hunt.

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