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Sabratha is an ancient city buried in sand, and an archaeological site. Sabratha, Sabratah or Siburata, in the Zawiya District of Libya, was the westernmost of the ancient "three cities" of Roman Tripolis.

Part of a tour to Libya to see the 2006 Total Solar Eclipse in the Libyan Sahara Desert in March 2006.
Sabratha TheatreWorld Heritage Site Declaration, SabrathaPenis symbol carved in roadway stonePuno-Hellenistic Mausoleum of BesLooking over the city to the Mediterranean SeaSouth Forum Temple, RASC Group with one of our guidesGreen Italian marble columns, Antonne TempleFlavius Tulus FountainBasilica of JustinianForum, as viewed from the CapitoleumTemple of SerapisTemple of SerapisRoman public toiletsGeometric tile, Theatre BathsWide angle of most of the city of SabrathaTemple of Liber Pater (Temple of Dionysius)Joe at the Temple of Liber Pater (Temple of Dionysius)Entranceway to Sabratha TheatreOriginal carved stone at the entrance to Sabratha TheatreEntranceway to Sabratha Theatre

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