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The Province of Sarawak on the island of Borneo, Malaysia
Fern greensChillies - Cili Besar & Cili KecilPeanutsChilliesGreen Ball ChilliesDried shellfishDeep-fried shrimp cakesChicken satay and fish ballsLemon and his assistant shop for our lunch which they will make tomorrow at the Iban longhouseMichele and Shirley hunker down behind an umbrellaApproaching the Iban dockLong boats at the Iban dockDrying black pepper in the sunshineTattooed old manIban woman performing the Hornbill danceIban woman performing the Hornbill danceTwo Iban dancersMichele presenting our gifts to the chief of the longhouseOur guide Lemon demonstrating a blow pipeMichele coordinating with the front desk in the obby

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