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Stanley is the capital and largest settlement on the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean, and is a port located on East Falkland Island.
Panorama of Port StanleyRiver of rocksNames of British navy ships assigned to protect the FalklandsMarmont RowThe mizzen-mast from the SS Great BritainBritish telephone booths and post boxWhaling harpoon and doryWhale vertebraeThe R/T Hut - radio telephone service to campsOld telephones and telephone exchangePrinting press and officePrinter's officeLooking down the shoreline from the museum to townMemorial to the 1982 warMemorial to the 1982 warChrist Church Cathedral with whale bone gazeboThe Falkland's flag flying in front of the heritage Jubilee VillasFalkland Island DistillersPharos SG Fishery Patrol Vessel

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