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Rheinfels Castle located up on a hill behind the small town of St. Goar, Rhinelands, Germany
Rheinfels Castle on the hill above St. GoarBurg Express tourist train up the hill to Rheinfels CastleOld hotel limousineOur group walking along the castle wallOur group walking along the castle wallPassageway through the stone wallSteve and Mary descend the spiral staircase inside the castle wallSome of the group waits inside the castle courtyardThe dungeonMultiple castle wallsMultiple castle wallsBoat on the Rhine River, and Sankt Goarshausen across the riverThe group in a giant storage room inside the castleMultiple castle wallsThe castle and the adjacent side valleyRheinfels Castle and the Rhine RiverThe town of St. GoarCuckoo Clock shopOur group playing the 'Name Game' in the square at St. Goar

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