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Local marketDivided highway  out of Papeete heading along the north shoreSurfer and his surfboard traveling along the north shoreSurf along the north shoreParishoners attending Ash Wednesday services4X4 crossing the riverPapeete downtown and harbour between the North and South FingersNot much traffic on Boulevard Pomare on Missionary Day holidayVaima Shopping CenterBlack pearl shopMarine NationaleThree flags: France, French Polynesia, EUTypical Papeete - ramshackle residence, graffiti, and new vehiclesDirectional sign to the sights in PapeeteYoung Tahitian guys hanging out in the squareAremiti Ferry arrivingA party boat arriving in the harbourTahiti Ora folkloric dance troupeTahiti Ora folkloric dance troupeMataval Bay with Papeete and the reef behind

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