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Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada in 2009 and 2018.
Borealopelta markmitchelli amoured dinosaurFishes after the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction eventMammoth fossilTyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops fossilsTyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops fossilsPikaia marine creatures found in Burgess ShaleSclerocephalus - crocodile-likeEryops - large canivorous amphibianShonisaurus sikanniensisStegosaurus fossilCentrosaurus fossilTriceratops fossilTyrannosaurus rex fossilDinosaur fossils in the open display areaBird or dinosaur? The Thermopolis specimenExtracting a dinosaur boneBig dinosaur leg boneTriceratops dinosaur fossil displayDinosaur displayDarwin's notes, books and microscope

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